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Review: JHS Pedals Twin Twelve Channel Drive — Video

The Silvertone Model 1484 Twin Twelve head has always been a favorite of garage-rockers, making it highly sought after. But guitarists no longer have to search eBay or hit pawnshops to find one thanks to JHS Pedals, who have managed to nail this amp’s rowdy attitude in a pedal with its Twin Twelve Channel Drive.

How to Build the Ultimate Pedal Board for Guitarists — Video

Are you a pedal-board dunce? Fear not! In this illustrated tutorial, Guitar World shows you everything you need to know, from choosing a board to powering up and laying out your pedals.

Review: ESP LTD V-407B Baritone Seven-String Guitar — Video

There is a surprisingly large and growing variety of baritone solidbody electric guitars to choose from these days. ESP offers an impressive selection of baritone electrics, including seven-string versions that are quickly becoming the new norm. For metal players, particularly those with somewhat limited budgets, the LTD V-407B is an ideal weapon of choice.

Review: EVH 5150III 1X12 50-Watt Combo Amp — Video

Though a half stack is sometimes necessary, it's overkill for the venues where most guitarists play ninety percent or more of their gigs. Most combos are too expensive or powerful, but with the new EVH 5150III 1x12 50-watt combo, EVH has designed a compact, portable combo that doesn't sacrifice the sound and versatility of the 5150III heads that Eddie Van Halen uses on stage and in the studio.

Review: Strandberg Boden OS 7 Seven-String Guitar — Video

Ola Strandberg started work on his truly revolutionary Ergonomic Guitar System in 2007. While his first production series model—the Boden OS—is more of a “one-size-fits-all” instrument, it still offers players outrageously comfortable ergonomics.

Review: Yamaha AC6R Acoustic-Electric Guitar — Video

The value of Yamaha acoustics doesn’t stop at their entry-level instruments, as the company offers many models that deliver surprising bang for the buck throughout their entire acoustic range. Yamaha’s new AC6R is certainly one such example.

2016 Guitar World Buyer's Guide: Photos and Behind-the-Scenes Video

After many years of shooting our annual Buyer’s Guide in California’s sun-drenched warm weather, under beautiful blue skies and on idyllic sand beaches, my photo director, Jimmy Hubbard, decided to change things up this year and head toward the sunny and bucolic shores of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Review: TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Guitar Tuner

Since I already use TC Electronic’s famed PolyTune polyphonic pedal tuner, which features an intuitive display to let you see all six-strings simultaneously and quickly tune the ones that are sharp or flat, I knew it was only a matter of time before TC would incorporate that technology into a clip-on tuner.

Review: John Page Classic Ashburn Guitar — Video

Earlier this year, guitar builder John Page started John Page Classic with HRS Unlimited. The Ashburn is the first John Page Classic model, which the company describes as the industry’s first “custom production” guitar.

Review: Bogner Burnley, Harlow and Wessex Effect Pedals — Videos

Reinhold Bogner, a modern-day legend who has made his own significant contributions to guitar tone, recently joined forces with Rupert Neve to produce a trio of pedals—the Burnley, Harlow and Wessex—that take an entirely different approach to overdrive and distortion.